Strategic Management Textbook

Here’s my “elevator” pitch for the book. It’s a strategic management text (for use in capstone strategy courses). Although it will cover all the traditional topics, it’ll be unique in four ways: a) a focus on value creation, b) inclusion of a broader range of different types of organizations, c) inclusion of critical theory elements (e.g. contributions from critical management studies), and, d) incorporation of an ethical and moral framework (corporate social responsibility or CSR) in the foundational assumptions that define strategic management.

I’m convinced that it will be a better book if I can get a good group of scholars to work on it together (better quality content, greater of odds of being successful, etc.), so I’m looking for people that believe we need a more critical, systemically-aware, CSR-based strategic management text and want to contribute to making it a reality by co-authoring, authoring individual chapters, and/or reviewing drafts of the material.

Project Status:

  1. I’ve written a rough draft of a full prospectus, a brief outline, a detailed four-level outline, and a content summary. I started the project working with Patricia Quinlin at Sage to develop the project (but at of February 2014, she is no longer with Sage, and I haven’t talked to any other publishers).
  2. I “adopted” a detailed outline (and associated notes) as my textbook in one undergraduate section of strategic management in Spring of 2014 at the University of Texas at Tyler. As I lectured my way through the outline, I revised it and added content. I’ve continued to revise it.
  3. I’m networking (this blog post is part of that). This is a big project. I’d like to find a few good co-authors.

Contact Me:

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, then please contact me ( so that we can discuss the project in greater detail and determine if there is a mutual fit.

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