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Changing Paradigm of Fair Trade

August 11, 2016 | Topics: , , | No Comments

Cater, J. J., Collins, L. A., & Beal, B. D.  [2016].  The changing paradigm of fair trade social entrepreneurship in the United States.  Management Decision, forthcoming. [journal, project]


Purpose: This paper examines why social entrepreneurs in the United States choose to … more

Ripple Effects on Family Firms

January 1, 2014 | Topics: , , , | No Comments

Cater, J. J., & Beal, B. D. 2014. Ripple effects on family firms from an externally induced crisis. Journal of Family Business Management, 4(1): 62-78. [PDF, journal]

From the Introduction:

Using a resource-based view of the firm perspective (Barney, 1991; Habbershon & Williams, 1999),… more