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Marketing Schools

The process of attempting to inform and influence the purchasing decisions of potential customers--that is, marketing--is crucial to market-based competition.

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CSR Book with SAGE

I'm pleased with how this turned out. It's a supplemental text designed for use in different business classes. I worked with Pat Quinlin and Katie Guarino at Sage.

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Ongoing Projects:


Proposed Strategy Textbook

I’m looking for people that sincerely believe we need a more systemically-aware, CSR-based strategic management text and want to contribute to making it a reality.

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Motor Trike

Motor Trike, Inc. is an exciting and superbly-run family business located in Troup, TX, a small East Texas town approximately 20 miles southeast of Tyler, TX.

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Ripple Effects on Family Firms

Using a resource-based view of the firm perspective (Barney, 1991; Habbershon & Williams, 1999), we examine the positive and negative effects of an externally induced crisis on family business owners.

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Nurse Comfort. . . More than Helpful Hands

This article reviews the literature on nurse comfort and suggests that it may be useful in combating nurse burnout.

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K-12 School Choice

The NFL employs a mix of market incentives and bureaucratic controls that both constrain and channel player choice and inter-team competition in order to achieve certain system outcomes.

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MGMT 466

Strategic Management (Undergraduate)

Capstone course that integrates accounting, economics, law, finance, management, and marketing in the solution of an organization's problems.

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Strategic Management (Graduate)

Students adopt the top management's view of the firm and focus on positioning the firm to gain strategic advantage in the competitive marketplace.

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My list of academic journals.




This is a running list of folks whose recent work I'm either reading, thinking about, and/or citing.

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