Strategic Management (Graduate)

For the last few years, I’ve primarily taught strategic management at the graduate level (UTTyler: MANA 5395, Formulating and Implementing Strategy). In addition to The University of Texas at Tyler, I’ve also taught this course at Louisiana State University (LSU, BADM 7190, Sources of Competitive Advantage, Flores MBA Program).

I’ve taught this course in four different formats (face-to-face, hybrid, online, and in a seven-week format with a healthcare empahsis in a joint MBA program run by UTTyler and Academic Partnerships).

From the UTTyler course catalog:

Students adopt the top management’s view of the firm and focus on positioning the firm to gain strategic advantage in the competitive marketplace. Industry analysis, planning and implementation of competitive strategy, evaluation of strategy alternatives, utilization of appropriate controls, and the evaluation of the administrative process are emphasized. Prerequisite: Should generally be completed in the final semester.

In additional to the standard course marterial, I require students to write (note: not “analyze,” but write) a traditional business case (and an accompanying teaching note).

Course documents:

5395 Syllabus (from fall, 2019)
5395 Schedule (from fall, 2019)
The Case Project Guide: How to Write a Great Business Case as a Class Project (published by Ivey Publishing)

Teaching evaluations for all the courses I’ve taught at UTTyler can be found here.

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