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Psychological Sense of Brand Community

September 21, 2019 | Topics: , , | No Comments

Swimberghe, K., Darrat, M., Beal, B. D., Astakhova, M. 2018. Examining a psychological sense of brand community in elderly consumers. Journal of Business Research, 82: 171-178. [PDF, journal, project]


As the affluent baby-boomer segment rapidly approaches retirement, marketers are … more

Motor Trike: Building a Brand Community

April 1, 2015 | Topics: , , | No Comments

Cater, J. J., Beal, B. D., Tarter, J., & Swimberghe, K. 2015. Motor Trike: Building a brand community. Case Research Journal, 35(2): 73-94. [journal]

Case Synopsis:

In August 1994, Jeff and Diane Vey purchased FNJ Engineering a fledgling motorcycle conversion kit manufacturer located in Troup,… more

Motor Trike

January 1, 2013 | Topics: , , , , , | No Comments

Motor Trike, Inc. is an exciting and superbly-run family business located in Troup, TX, a small East Texas town approximately 20 miles southeast of Tyler, TX (where The University of Texas at Tyler is located).  Here is a link to the company’s website; This is… more