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Motor Trike, Inc. is an exciting and superbly-run family business located in Troup, TX, a small East Texas town approximately 20 miles southeast of Tyler, TX (where The University of Texas at Tyler is located).  Here is a link to the company’s website; This is a link to the company’s “about” page.”

I was introduced to the company by Dr. Jim Tarter (a colleage at UT Tyler) in early 2012.  Motor Trike agreed to host, under my supervision, a number of UT Tyler MBA project teams.  This work evolved over time into a business case and an empirical paper on brand communities.  I have been fortunate enough to work on these projects with Jeff Vey (Owner and President of Motor Trike), Wayne Tompkins (Vice President), JD Vey (Operations Manager), among others at Motor Trike, and three of my colleagues at UT Tyler (Dr. Jim Tarter, Dr. John James Cater, and Dr. Krist Swimberghe).

The following case was presented at the 2014 Academy of Management meeting in Philadelphia, PA and subsequently published in the Case Research Journal:

Cater, J. J., Beal, B. D., Tarter, J., & Swimberghe, K. 2015. Motor Trike: Building a brand community. Case Research Journal, 35(2): 73-94.

Cater, J. J., Beal, B. D., Tarter, J., & Swimberghe, K. 2014. Motor Trike, Inc.: Building a brand community. Presented at the Academy of Management 2014 Annual Meeting, Management Consulting Division, Philadelphia, PA, August 1-5, 2014.

Other work from this project:

Swimberghe, K., Darrat, M., Beal, B. D., Astakhova, M. 2018. Examining a psychological sense of brand community in elderly consumers. Journal of Business Research, 82: 171-178. [post]

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