Business Case Writing

I enjoy writing business cases. I was an editor for a special issue of short cases for the Case Research Journal (Vol 37, Issue 3, Summer 2017, here’s a link); I now serve on CRJ’s editorial board and I’m the VP of Case Marketing for the North American Case Research Association, CRJ’s publisher).

I’ve written a number of business cases:

Cater, J. J., Beal, B. D., Tarter, J., & Swimberghe, K. 2015. Motor Trike: Building a brand community. Case Research Journal, 35(2): 73-94.

Beal, B. D., & Tarter, J. 2013. Flat World Knowledge and the college textbook market: A revolution? Journal of Case Studies, 31(2): 98-113.

Beal, B. D., & Tarter, J. 2013. Flat World Knowledge: How to pay authors to write free textbooks? Journal of Critical Incidents, 6: 67-70.

Beal, B. D., & Tarter, J. 2013. The Mormon Stories podcast: Faith, disaffiliation and strategic vision. Business Case Journal, 20(2): 15-33.

Cater, J. J., Beal, B. D., Justis, R. T. 2007. Family business in Louisiana: The case of Rabenhorst Funeral Homes. Annual Advances in Business Cases, 27: 221-237.

Beal, B. D. 2002. An internet infomediary. Case Research Journal, 22(3): 1-17. [Reprinted in Pearce & Robinson, 2004, Strategic Management, 9e, McGraw-Hill.]

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