Future Projects

This is a brief list of topics/projects I’m currently working on or planning to work on in the near future (in no particular order):

  1. Essays on market failure, value creation, income and wealth distribution, and the disappearance of work.  Potential outlets include AMLE, JMI, etc.
  2. Neoliberalism, strategic management, and management education.  I have a collection of strategic management textbooks I plan on using as a qualitative data set.
  3. A business case on the USPS.

Since coming to UT Tyler in 2010, I’ve worked on a number of projects (see the Projects section of this site), including a strategic management textbook (proposal written, currently stalled), Motor Trike (no new work is being done, but an article is still in the publication queue),  nursing passion (with Stephen Bushardt), Mormonism and female ordination (outside of my typical research stream; I’m part of a larger group of scholars working together on this topic), job fit (with Marina Astakhova), the marketization of K-12 education (with Heather Olson Beal), fair trade (with Jim Cater), business case writing (I’m currently working on a case on the USPS, and I’m one of the editors on an upcoming special issue of CRJ on short cases that will come out in 2017), and management and income inequality (with several co-authors; I’ve spent the last year primarily working in this area).

Going forward, I’ll continue to transition out of most of these different projects.  In the Fall of 2016, I’ll focus primarily on a couple essays, a paper on neoliberalism, and the USPS case (in addition to revising a couple papers on income inequality).

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