Future Projects

This is a brief list of topics/projects I’m currently working on or planning to work on (in no particular order):

  1. A case on a local charity (to be submitted to the Case Research Journal). I also have an old case on the USPS that I may find time to finish.
  2. A book proposal with a colleague. I’ll post more details once we get further into the project.
  3. I’m toying with a theory paper (related to the market conditions under which increased competition leads to higher prices, written from a managerial perspective). I’m also thinking about writing a personal essay, a second book (only tangentially related to my research areas), and tackling some unfinished papers on income inequality (papers that have been rejected at a few outlets and need to be reworked).

Since coming to UT Tyler in 2010, I’ve worked on a number of projects (see the Projects section of this site). I’ve worked with a local business, Motor Trike (http://www.motortrike.com/) and on a number of different research topics, including nursing passion (with Stephen Bushardt), Mormonism and female ordination (I worked with a larger group of scholars from a number of different academic fields), job fit (with Marina Astakhova), the marketization of K-12 education (with my wife, Heather Olson Beal) and fair trade (with Jim Cater).

I am now focused primarily on management and income inequality, and business case writing (I was an editor for a special issue of short cases for Case Research Journal; I now serve on the editorial board of this journal and I’m the VP of Case Marketing for the North American Case Research Association, the journal’s publisher).

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