Strategic Management (Undergraduate)

On occasion, I teach strategic management at the undergraduate level (UTTyler: MANA 4395, Strategic Management). In addition to The University of Texas at Tyler, I’ve also taught this course at other institutions: Texas A&M (MGMT 466, Strategic Management), Louisiana State University (LSU, MGT 3830, Strategically Managing Organizations), and McNeese State University (MGMT 481, Business Policy).

I’ve taught this course in three different formats (face-to-face, hybrid and online).

From the UTTyler course catalog:

Capstone course that integrates accounting, economics, law, finance, management, and marketing in the solution of an organization’s problems. Focus on the problems and perspectives of the firm’s top management team as they attempt to achieve and retain competitive advantages. Prerequisite: Completion of Common Business Core.

I’ve used a simulation in the past (the Business Strategy Game, or BSG, go here for a description).  I currently require a detailed SWOT anlysis as a group project.

Teaching evalutaions for all the courses I’ve taught at UTTyler can be found here.

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