Corporate Social Responsibility

I left academia for a year (in 2008-2009), and when I came back (in 2010), I decided to focus on a research stream that I’d always been interested in, but had never explored.  Unfortunately, I picked an area that had already been canvassed by a large group of scholars and it was difficult to make a significant contribution.  Nevertheless, I spent three years or so focused on this topic. Here is what I have on my vita to show for it (two journal publications, a book, an AOM “best paper” proceedings, and four conference presentations):

Beal, B. D. & Neesham, C. 2016. Systemic corporate social responsibility: Micro-to-macro transitions, collective outcomes, and self-regulation. Social Responsibility Journal, 12(2): 209-227.

Beal, B. D. 2012. Competitive markets, collective action, and the Big Box Retailer problem. Journal of Philosophical Economics, 6(1): 2-29.

Beal, B. D. 2014. Corporate social responsibility: Definition, core issues, and recent developments. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications Inc. [ISBN: 9781452291567;]

Beal, B. D., Martinuzzi, A., & Neesham, C. 2013. Systems thinking for corporate social responsibility: A state-of-the-art review. Presented at the Academy of Management 2013 Annual Meeting, Speaker Presentation, Participant Development Workshop (PDW), Orlando, FL, August 9-13, 2013.

Beal, B. D. & Neesham, C. 2012. Systemic CSR: Insourcing and the invisible hand. Presented at the Academy of Management 2012 Annual Meeting, Social Issues in Management (SIM) division, Boston, MA, August 3-7, 2012; selected for inclusion in the Best Paper Proceedings,

Beal, B. D. & Neesham, C. 2012. CSR and public trust in market-based economic systems. 1000 word summary; Presented at the 25th European Business Ethics Network (EBEN) Annual Conference, Barcelona, Spain, September 19-22, 2012.

Beal, B. D., 2011. Economic markets, collective action and the big box retailer problem. Presented at the Academy of Management 2011 Annual Meeting, Social Issues in Management (SIM) division, San Antonio, TX, August 12-16, 2011.

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