Nursing, Work Passion, and Career Success

I’m happy to have been able to contribute to a series of papers on burnout, workpassion and career success in nursing.  Thanks to Dr. Stephen Bushardt for taking the lead on these papers:

Bushardt, S. C, Young, M., & Beal, B. D. 2018. Understanding work passion: An important element for career success and improved quality of life. Journal of Organizational Psychology, 18(2): 23-29. [post]

Bushardt, S. C., Beal, B. D., Young, M., & Khosla, S. 2016. Professional nurses and the dark side of work passion. Nursing Management, 47(1): 48-52.

Heard, P. L., Hartman, S., Beal, B. D., & Bushardt, S. C. 2014. Nursing comfort. . . more than helpful hands. Nursing Management, 45(4): 30-35.

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