The Embeddedness of Organizations: Dialogue & Directions

Dacin, M. T., Ventresca, M. J., & Beal, B. D. 1999. The embeddedness of organizations: Dialogue & directions. Journal of Management, 25(3): 317-356. [PDF]


Research on industrial organizations are examined to determine the current and emerging theories on embeddedness. An integrated framework that takes into account the sources, mechanisms, outcomes and strategic ramifications of embeddedness is introduced. The inter-actor tradition is extended by focusing on issues of reciprocal embeddedness, the management of inter-actor relations, the role of social capital, and directions for future studies on the complexity, strength and intensity of embeddedness. Connections between and among various forms of embeddedness and cross-level issues in embeddedness research are also reviewed. Other forms of embeddedness such as temporal embeddedness are developed. Aspects of disembeddedness: its sources, mechanisms and outcomes, are also analyzed.

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