Implementing a “SWIF” Program in an Undergraduate Strategy Course

Tarter, J. & Beal, B. D. 2013. Implementing a “SWIF” program in an undergraduate strategy course: Processes, results and recommendations. The Journal of Learning in Higher Education, 9(1): 153-161. [PDF, journal]


As faculty charged with the continued development and delivery of our college’s capstone strategy course, we implemented a student-written, faculty-facilitated (SWIF) case project into the curriculum beginning in the spring semester of 2011. Our objective was to integrate three main areas of our professional lives: teaching (i.e. student learning), academic scholarship (i.e. publishing), and community involvement (a component of professional service). In this paper we address the challenges associated with finding case sites and identifying case foci, and then discuss a number of specific issues related to project description, assignment instructions, and deliverables. We conclude by describing several ways in which are currently attempting to close the gap between the promise and the reality of a SWIF case program.

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